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  • Global Windows Azure Bootcamp en Argentina

    Published by juanar on April 18th, 2014 4:43 pm under azure

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    El sábado 29 de Marzo tuvimos la oportunidad de participar en el Global Windows Azure Bootcamp realizado en las oficinas de Microsoft Argentina. En este evento realizado a nivel mundial simultáneamente en más de 138 ciudades del mundo en 57 países se mostraron las características de Microsoft Azure, la solución de cloud computing ofrecida por Microsoft. Empezamos el evento... read more
  • Southworks recently had the privilege to help Microsoft create some powerful demos for the //build/ 2014 Developers Conference in San Francisco. During the Day 2 Keynote Mads Kristensen showed some new features for web developers in Visual Studio and Azure. He showcased the new ASP.NET templates (which lets developers provision Virtual Machines and Databases) and... read more
  • Restoring a TeamCity 8.1 Backup

    Published by sdurandeu on March 27th, 2014 3:30 pm under TeamCity

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    TeamCity has a backup functionality that allows you export all the build configurations, artifacts, build history, etc. to a zip file. This zip file is database independent, and can even be used to migrate data between different databases. For instance, you can restore data from a HSQL database to a SQL Express database, as well... read more
  • In this post I will show how to create a Continuous Integration environment using TeamCity 8.1 and Windows Azure Virtual Machines. You will require a Windows Azure Account to follow these steps, but you can create a Free Trial here. TeamCity out-of-the-box runs an internal database using the HSQLDB database engine. However this engine is... read more
  • Lately, I’ve been immersed on some Big Data projects. One of the issues I had to solve was related to getting logs from JSON using a Hive query. You can find many resources on the web showing how to deal with JSON on a Hive query, but there aren’t many good examples for very custom data.... read more
  • Patterns & Practices: Cloud Design Patterns

    Published by ajezierski on January 29th, 2014 11:49 am under Windows Azure

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    The Patterns & Practices team released “Cloud Design Patterns”, a guide that provides solutions to problems that are relevant to the cloud.  It discusses a set of patterns and guidance topics in their proper context, providing code samples or snippets to get a sense of a concrete implementation. We’ve had the privilege of being part... read more
  • For those who don’t read Spanish, this blog post provides details about the Visual Studio 2013 launch for Latin America, particulary a cross-platform development talk that included Xamarin. El Miércoles 11 de Diciembre, en las oficinas de Microsoft Argentina, se realizó el lanzamiento de Visual Studio 2013. Las sesiones del mismo fueron filmadas para hacerlas... read more
  • scriptcs: Acceptance tests with

    Published by Damian Schenkelman on December 25th, 2013 1:00 pm under scriptcs

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    One of the challenges we face when merging pull requests in scriptcs is making sure all features are still working. Executing our unit tests for every pull request definitely helps as it helps catch many mistakes, but some others go unnoticed due to integration issues (different components, the file server, assembly versions). Fortunately, scriptcs is... read more
  • Last week, the Windows Azure Media Services (WAMS) team published a new release of the WindowsAzure.MediaServices.Extensions NuGet package (2.0.0). Starting from this new version, the WAMS team will be taking ownership of the NuGet package and the Extensions source code to make sure that they are aligned and consistent with the Windows Azure Media Services... read more
  • A couple of weeks ago we introduced a new scriptcs feature (available through the nightly builds) that allows you to execute your scripts, compile them to a .dll, and store it in a hidden folder for caching purposes. This greatly reduces start-up time (although there is still room for improvement) as we execute the .dll... read more