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  • Azure Event Hubs, the Thing and the Internet

    Published by ajezierski on November 10th, 2014 7:30 pm under Windows Azure

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    I have things, and I have Internet. Now I want to Internet my things… I recently started playing with Azure Event Hubs and wanted to do a basic IoT sample with a real device and learn lots of new stuff. If you haven’t heard of Azure Event Hubs before,  Event Hubs is a ” highly... read more
  • Charla Azure Nights: Primeros Pasos con Azure Websites

    Published by dpoza on September 2nd, 2014 11:05 am under Uncategorized

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    ¿Qué es Azure Nights? Azure Nights es la primera serie de charlas sobre la tecnología Microsoft Azure. En esta ocasión vamos a ver “Primeros Pasos con Azure Websites”, una introducción a la plataforma Cloud de Microsoft y cómo podemos utilizarla para desarrollar y publicar nuestras aplicaciones Web. ¿Cuándo?  Esta primera charla se realizará el Jueves 4 de... read more
  • You can get an excellent description of what client certificates are and how they work in this article – if you want to really understand this post take a minute to read it. In a nutshell, client certificates allows a web app to authenticate users by having the client provide a certificate before the HTTP... read more
  • Hi All, These last few days there have been some questions regarding the use of Region definitions inside DataTemplates when working with Prism 5. Many of you may know already about Damian Cherubini’s workaround for this feature about using a Region Behavior when working in Prism 4. You may find the related blog post in... read more
  • Please read! Blog moved.

    Published by on May 14th, 2014 12:25 pm under Uncategorized

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    After more than 6 years working at Southworks I have decided to start a new adventure. I’ll provide more information about this soon in my new blog, where I’ll continue to write about code stuff. The new blog uses the magic of Jekyll + Github Pages and is hosted at and the RSS feed is
  • Last month, Mingfei Yan (Program Manager for Azure Media Services) invited me to be co-presenter of the “Building End-To-End Video Experiences with Azure Media Services Media Services” session at //build/ 2014. In our presentation we briefly introduced Microsoft Azure Media Services, explaining the steps involved in a Video On-Demand workflow and showing some demos on... read more
  • //build/ Conference Presentation

    Published by Southworks Communication on April 23rd, 2014 11:51 pm under azure, Media, Projects

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    Continuing our work with the Microsoft Azure Media Services Team, Mariano Converti co-presented at the recent //build/ session “Building End-To-End Video Experiences with Azure Media Services”. Mariano had previously worked with Mingfei Yan (Microsoft Program Manager) on the Azure Media Services .NET SDK Extensions and she graciously invited him to partner with her in telling... read more
  • Global Windows Azure Bootcamp en Argentina

    Published by juanar on April 18th, 2014 4:43 pm under azure

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    El sábado 29 de Marzo tuvimos la oportunidad de participar en el Global Windows Azure Bootcamp realizado en las oficinas de Microsoft Argentina. En este evento realizado a nivel mundial simultáneamente en más de 138 ciudades del mundo en 57 países se mostraron las características de Microsoft Azure, la solución de cloud computing ofrecida por Microsoft. Empezamos el evento... read more
  • Southworks recently had the privilege to help Microsoft create some powerful demos for the //build/ 2014 Developers Conference in San Francisco. During the Day 2 Keynote Mads Kristensen showed some new features for web developers in Visual Studio and Azure. He showcased the new ASP.NET templates (which lets developers provision Virtual Machines and Databases) and... read more
  • Restoring a TeamCity 8.1 Backup

    Published by sdurandeu on March 27th, 2014 3:30 pm under TeamCity

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    TeamCity has a backup functionality that allows you export all the build configurations, artifacts, build history, etc. to a zip file. This zip file is database independent, and can even be used to migrate data between different databases. For instance, you can restore data from a HSQL database to a SQL Express database, as well... read more