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  • End of Iteration ;)

    Published by on February 3rd, 2012 8:40 pm under Uncategorized

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    As some of you know, I’m closing a chapter of my professional life in Southworks today and starting a new one in Microsoft Argentina (DPE) from next week. It’s been a 6.5 years chapter actually, that started for me in an earlier version of the Southworks that exists today. I think we grew a lot,... read more
  • Agile methodologies may find their comfort zone with co-located teams and with customers that are at hand for giving quick and valuable feedback. Is it possible to keep agility in distributed teams scenarios, where the customer is miles away and testers at the other side of the world? What are the main challenges when face-to-face... read more
  • “ISO + Agile” Workshop at Rosario

    Published by on December 21st, 2010 10:53 pm under Agile, ISO

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    How to keep your company’s ISO certification while achieving the flexibility of the agile practices out there? Which may be the common myths, challenges and tips in the quest for such combination? These are some of the questions that together with Nicolas and Ezequiel we were invited to answer a few days ago in Rosario,... read more
  • Paper published at 39 JAIIO

    Published by on October 31st, 2010 4:08 pm under Agile, Project Management, Publications, Scrum

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    Long time no post. During the last months, I’ve been focused on planning my wedding, and now that I’m back it might be time to resume blogging :). Let’s start with the 39th edition of the Argentinean Conferences on Computer Science (JAIIO) that took place back in September. These conferences are held since 1961 and... read more
  • Agiles 2009 Brazil

    Published by on October 10th, 2009 5:27 am under Agiles, Events, Presentations, Scrum, Uncategorized

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    I had the chance to speak at the second Latin-American Conference on Agile Development Methodologies, running now in Florianópolis, Brazil. I’m having a really good time attending to some talks offered by great personalities of the Agile movement such as Brian Marick who gave an excellent opening keynote, Diana Larsen who’s talk about generating trust... read more
  • Last Tuesday I attended to June’s meeting of an agile practitioners group called "Agiles" (Spanish). The topic for that meeting in particular was "How do you start your projects?". Overall product planning and project, team and process setup were some of the activities discussed as part of the first iteration of an agile project. The... read more
  • Last Wednesday I participated in a panel called “Agile: Mission Impossible?” where I presented one of Southworks‘s case studies where we successfully implemented Agile methodologies (Scrum + XP mix) in scenarios out of the Agile comfort zone. We had good feedback from the audience, as well as lots of questions from people facing similar scenarios.... read more
  • Last Thursday was the time for Argentina to launch Visual Studio 2008, SQL Server 2008 and Windows Server 2008. This event was part of the launches wave that started back on the 27th of February when Steve Ballmer presented those products in Los Angeles California. This event in particular associated the heroes happen {here}campaign with... read more
  • Being "on top of" vs "behind of"

    Published by on August 14th, 2007 5:36 am under mindsets

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    When your goal is to put the box in another place in a dark room, you can choose to concentrate in start pushing without focusing on other forces coming from the other side OR you can first use your torch to enlighten from above overseeing the whole process, getting to see things that may affect... read more
  • Last week I’ve been working with Puru Amradkar, Eugenio Pace and people from Microsoft’s Connected Services Framework (CSF) team, kicking off a new project that is both related with LitwareHR and CSF. I had a great time on the design sessions with people from the CSF team like Puru Amradkar, Bala Balabaskaran, Balamurugan Kuthanoor and... read more