• Beta 1 to Beta 2 bumpy road…

    Published by on March 27th, 2006 10:42 am under Windows Workflow Foundation

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    As every WF follower, I also made
    the upgrade from beta 1 to beta 2.
    I needed a state machine workflow using a persistence store, but I realized
    that beta 2 doesn’t exactly “extends” beta 1
    when I started
    seeing some building errors like this one here regarding the persistence store:

    was unhandled
      Message=”Procedure or function InsertWorkflow has too many
    arguments specified.”

    So I turned to some forum help and got the SQL scripts I had to run in order
    to create beta 2 SQL persistence store
    , which by the way, once you have
    installed the beta 2, you can find here: C:\WINDOWS\WinFX\v3.0\Windows Workflow
    Foundation\SQL\EN (remember to run first schema, then logic script for each

    If you think that your beta 1 code
    will build ok on your beta 2 you may be probable wrong if you don’t take in
    count the changes. Because many of them are more than just an upgrade and make
    beta 1 code simply doesn’t work! (Take a look at the advice section).

    Another big addition to beta 1 may
    be the StateMachineWorkflowInstance class, which you can use to query state
    machine workflow instances about their current state, which states they can
    transition to, get all the workflow states, etc. It’s very useful if you want
    to get control of many state machines currently running just like in an
    ordering system case.

    The most useful conclusion I find for readers may be a short but powerful
    advice list: