• Microsoft Media Platform Video Editor (former RCE) 2.0 – Silverlight 5 Refresh released

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    Heads up! A refresh of the MMP Video Editor 2.0 was released today. This release doesn’t contain any new feature and is just a refresh to use the latest Silverlight 5.

    The 2.0 release was built using the Silverlight 5 Beta bits, which already expired so some users were getting the message “This application was created for an expired beta release of Silverlight. Please contract the owner of this application and have them upgrade their application using an official release of Silverlight” when trying to use the application.

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    • Kapil


      I dont know this is the right place to ask a question related with CSM. But I need a solution asap.
      Please help me.

      I am generating a csm a play a portion of video. Have a look on below details

      Manifest :
      Clip Begin: 1346337006
      Clip End: 1718628300

      CASE 1: It generates the following csm (Note length is 37 seconds but player shows 57 seconds and the first 2 seconds are blank video and I am able to get the sound (I checked the sound with other manifest this manifest will not play sound. But you can use firefox’s firebug). As the video played 40 seconds it stops playing.)

      CASE 2 : Use below csm. I did some calculations and changes the video start time and the duration (in first chunk). Then is plays 37 seconds video. It means length is right but blank video is still there at start (about 2-3 seconds). Video is starting from 2.xx position.

      So finally I got the correct length but starting is still a blank video.

      I want to play the video from the very start i.e. 00/01 second.

      Hope I explained well. Please feel free to ask me if you have any queries.

      Awaiting you fast response.


    • http://spoiledtechie.com Scott

      You need to do another refresh. For the current release was built with Silverlight 5 RC. And now it won’t load because Silverlight 5.0 is now out.

      Please execute this refresh as fast as possible for I need to use it.

      Thank you.

    • Gary

      I am attempting to install Microsoft Media Platform Media Editor.

      I am running Win7 64 bit.

      Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate SP1

      I have installed Silverlight 5(64 bit) never had the beta or RC version of Silverlight 5 installed.

      I get the the message [Not Installed] Microsoft Silverlight 5 RC Runtime. I would install the SL 5 RC if it was still available.

      I was able to find the SL5 RC Tools for VS2010 and install it. Any suggestions looks like this code needs to be refreshed since the the final version of SL5 has been made available.

      Microsoft Media Platform Video Editor dependecies….

      -[Not Installed] Microsoft Silverlight 5 RC Runtime