• Troubleshooting Windows Azure Deployment

    Published by on February 19th, 2010 6:09 pm under Uncategorized

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    Usually, when Windows Azure fails to initialize the services, the portal shows the services cycling between the Initializing, Busy and Stopping states and it gets stuck in an infinite loop between these states. The following list are the most common causes for a deployment to Windows Azure may fail (even if it works locally) and... read more
  • Windows Azure: Everything in the cloud

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    These days we are seeing the dawn of a new computing generation, that is the 5th generation of computing. The first one were monolithic applications, then came the Client-Server and tiered applications, and currently we are building Web-based and SOA applications, today, the new buzzwords are Services and Cloud computing. The past week, on PDC (Professional... read more
  • AOP with PostSharp

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    PostSharp is a great open-source tool that allows you to encapsulate the non-business logic in custom attributes. That’s the Aspect Oriented Programming paradigm main goal: the separation of concerns. This tool heps you to free the business logic from the infrastructure code such as: Transactions Logging Permissions / Security Exceptions handling Caching Settings Your code... read more