I’m proud to announce that the Composite Web Client Libraries Bundle (including Composite Web Application Block and associated libraries) and the Automation Bundle (a.k.a the Web Client Software Factory Guidance Package) has just been released.
Both releases are updates to what was previously packed in one deliverable as the Web Client Software Factory – June 2007 release,
This release of the Composite Web Client Automation Bundle has additional recipes as well as modifications and bug fixes to some existing recipes. PageFlow recipes have been removed, but don’t worry too much, as they will be released as a separate automation bundle. This will allow you to take only the assets you really want to use on your web applications.


The Composite Web Application Library Bundle adds support for creating responsive composite Web applications using Microsoft’s ASP.NET AJAX and AJAX Control Toolkit.

Be sure to download these bits, as they are a must for developing web client applications on the .NET Framework. Don’t miss the other bundles from the team while you’re on it on the codeplex site.

Coming soon: a Reference Implementation that puts all these pieces together, so stay tuned!