• Contextual connection handling on Ruby WAZ-Storage

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    Today I was discussing with my friend Juampi Garcia who is writing a nice sample application that leverages the waz-storage gem and some other interesting things. While we were talking about his application, he asked me for some way of overriding the default connection for performing a bunch of operations as he needed it for... read more
  • Hey, after talking, talking and talking about the possibilities of building a Windows Azure Storage SDK for Ruby, I finally got together a couple of ideas and develop the v.0.5. I’m still needing to write a decent sample application but now it has more resources that previous gems had. For the project source code and... read more
  • Hey, after giving lots of thoughts of what am I going to do with the whole set of Ruby APIs for Windows Azure Storage, I figured out that might be better to have them merged, tested and refactored as a whole thing. I thought about lot’s of pro’s and con’s regarding whether to do this... read more
  • Windows Azure Queues exposed directly to pure Ruby!

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    Hey Pals! As you might recall two days ago I’ve published an API called “waz-blobs” that enabled Ruby Developers to get the best from Windows Azure storage straight from their pure ruby code. I told you I won’t stop there, so now I’m proud to announce that I’ve created waz-queues. As you can imagine and... read more
  • Consuming Windows Azure Blob Storage from Ruby

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    Hey Folks, today I’m proud to announce my first release of the waz-blobs ruby gem, for interacting with Windows Azure Blob Storage from Ruby programming language. Yes, it’s 100% organic Ruby code, there’s no strange Microsoft library that you need to consume and even better it was written and tested on Mac OS X and... read more
  • And there was a time when we just built applications…

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    The 90’s, beginning of the Internet as mainstream as we know it right now. Those were times where just a few of us knew what computers were about, you won’t hear people on the metro talking about Gigas, Teras, iPods or DivX. It was quiet, and computers were just for Information Workers and lived on... read more
  • Phytoners, we are here from PyCon2009 in Buenos Aires, I’m writing this post as closure and round up of our presentation. Today, with Martín we presented Iron Python to non-.net users. The event was slightly different from the events that we usually present since was 100% Open Source – Linux Driven Community. The event went... read more
  • back on the run!

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    Fellow, after almost eleven months away from bloggin’ since twitter has taken 100% of my attention (or at least the daily attention I spend for writing). I’ve been working a lot, on new and different types of projects conquering the cloud and having the joy of learning new programming languages (more to be written soon).... read more
  • Yesterday, Lito & I gave a presentation on the SQL Server Data Platform at Code Camp 2008 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I’m really happy that the conference got really crowded, with people even sitting on the floor. I have really enjoyed what our presentation, and when it was over I got that felling of happiness... read more
  • AOP in the ASP.NET MVC way

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    DISCLAIMER. The following post applies to the Microsoft ASP.NET MVC Extensions (Preview 4) that have been published on July 16th to the ASP.NET Community Web Site at Codeplex. Last week I was discussing with Matías about the implementation of DFO (Design For Operations) for a system we are building at Southworks. Our discussion took us... read more