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    Published by on October 21st, 2005 6:42 pm under CoolStuff, VisualStudioTeamSystem

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    If you selected the C# profile in VS 2005 you will find some annoyances.
    I’ve read this post today from Scott Guthrie
    talking about some tweaks to do on VS 2005 via Tools->Options and I
    thought it would be nice to have it summarized and handy.

    Enable the output window to show up on

    To enable
    this by default, select the Tools->Options menu item.  Then under Project and Solutions->General
    select the “Show Output Windows when Build starts” checkbox.

    Show MSBuild Output Verbosity “Normal”:
    Tools->Options menu item.  Then under
    Project and Solutions->Build and Run you can select the MSBuild project
    verbosity dropdown to be: “Quiet”, “Minimal”, “Normal”, “Detailed”, and “Diagnostic”.

    Track Active Item in Solution Explorer (my favorite)

    To enable
    this feature in the C# profile, select the Tools->Options menu.  Under Projects and Solutions->General
    select the “Track Active Item in Solution Explorer” checkbox.

    [via ScottGu]